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Screen burn-in problems of Pixel 2 visited by Google


OLED displays often suffer from screen burn-in when objects remain on the surface for an extended period. This is a reason why tricks like moving the home button on newly released phones are employed by Samsung. Android central was told that reports are being investigated of the 2 XL’s P-OLED screen which occurs in a week.

The evidence, although it appears strong at first glance, it is still being ascertained if this is a burn-in. It is thought that it could be a case of image retention which is most likely going to fizzle out on its own if some variety is introduced to what is happening on screen.

More complaints shroud the phone

Nonetheless, the condition at hand is not really what was envisaged by Google. So far, other complaints about the display of Pixel 2 XL has come to light, whether it is the case of less vibrant colors as on other mobiles. The phone was intended to be one of the showcased devices of Android Oreo’s two devices, but at this rate, it may end up leaving a bad experience in the minds of users if its associated with faults.