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Snow Continues to Cause Flight Delays, School Closures and Travel Issues in UK


A blend of snow, heavy rain and gale-force winds is expected to continue to blanket North England and Scotland. The wintry weather has already been causing flight delays, school closures and travel woes all over the country.


According to a warning from the Met Office, 70mph winds from the Northwest are expected to bring extra patches of “thundersnow” across the UK on Friday. This blanket of snow ranges between 5cm deep in non-coastal areas, and up to 20cm in high-altitude areas above 200 meters. This has been causing travel woes in the Southeast.

Flights from London City Airport through the Aurigny airline have been cancelled this morning. Gatwick is also expecting to face delays due to the weather. Blizzards are expected to be limited to the north and eastern parts of Scotland. Temperatures there could drop to -6C in some areas of Scotland.


According to The Environmental Agency, severe flooding is expected on almost the entire southeast and southern coastline. EA chief executive, Sit James Bevan, told BBC Radio 4 that he doesn’t think the storm will be as dangerous as the 1953 east-coast floods.

He said: “It’s very important to underline that there are two high tides today coming down the east coast, north to south.

“The first is coming in at the moment slightly under the height that we expected, the second, due this evening, may come out slightly higher than has been anticipated.

“And so we will stay very active throughout the day on the ground, we will continue to warn and inform the communities that are at risk, and I would like to urge everybody to remain vigilant and to continue to follow our flood warnings.”

“Forecasting snow is always challenging and there’s often a fine line between whether it will rain or snow in a particular location depending on slight changes in air temperature. Keep an eye on the forecast and warnings for your area for the latest information.”

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Motorists all over the UK are facing very challenging driving conditions from the full array of winter weather.

“Driving in rain, snow and ice is a real danger so the best advice is to drive more slowly, leave far more space behind the car in front than normal, and expect the unexpected.