Home Business Staff of AirAsia accused of screaming as flight unexpectedly drops 20,000 feet

Staff of AirAsia accused of screaming as flight unexpectedly drops 20,000 feet


Passengers aboard the AirAsia flight which was bound for Bali from Perth on Sunday have rebuked the crew of the plane for yelling and screaming when the plane dropped 20,000 feet suddenly.

Clare Askew, a passenger aboard the flight, shared with CNN that the panic was heightened because of the unprofessional behavior of the cabin crew.

“We expect strength and comfort from them, and we got none. We were even more alarmed because of how scared and shaky they were” she said.

Video showed that masks of oxygen were deployed as one cabin crew member shouted for passengers to get down.

Mark Bailey, another passenger aboard the flight shared that the cabin crew was hysterical even when there was no real cause for panic.

Flightaware.com data shows the plane; an Airbus A320 came down from over 30,000 feet to 10,000 feet in minutes. It is a reasonable operation for pilots to make such descent in the case of depressuring the cabin. AirAsia reported to CNN that it was due to a technical issue that the flight was diverted.

Same charges have been leveled in the past

The plane was on Sunday examined in a bid to find the cause of the problem. AirAsia provided no comments on the leveled accusations against the aircraft’s cabin crew.

Similar accusations of the behavior of the crew has been faced by the budget flight.

In June, a pilot asked passengers to start praying when an issue caused strong shaking on an AirAsia flight bound for Perth from Malaysia.