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Stephen Colbert declares PuberMe Campaign to have raised $1M for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief


The movement began last week on ‘The Late Show’ when Nick Kroll a guest on the show encouraged celebrities to share awkward photos of them in their teens on the internet.

They were to tweet the photos with the hashtag #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief for the gain of victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico with $1000 to be donated for each photo posted.
Now, after just a week, Colbert has made public that $1 million has been gathered up from the campaign. Over 200 photos were posted online by stars in their teen years, with participants from Reese Witherspoon to Bill Clinton to Schwarzenegger.

The host of The Late Show stated the total amount of money generated for OneAmericaAppeal.org Thursday on the show.
Kroll had donated $100,000. Calling into the show, he joked that the money was gotten from his selling of ‘not that healthy’ liver on the web and all those who worked on Big Mouth, the Netflix show.

Over $1 million generated

Kroll further matched the promised massive donations of CBS and Colbert’s American Dream Fund which brought the total to $999,000. Lin-Manuel Miranda raised the total to over $1 million marks and also promoted his new song in which he featured Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe and more ‘Almost Like Praying’.

For Miranda’s awkward phase, we see a young Miranda singing about a recent journey to Puerto Rico. “I’m simply making up a song about Puerto Rico,” Miranda commented on the video.