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Student arraigned for stabbing classmate to death at New York City school


An 18-year-old student who allegedly stabbed his classmate Wednesdays with a pair of scissors has been charged with many offenses, which includes murder.

The ugly incident which happened at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx caused the death of Mathew McCree, 15 and a severe injury to Ariane LaBoy, 16, according to the police.

The culprit, Abel Cedeno, 18 who is a student at a New York City school was charged with many offenses – attempted murder, murder, assault, attempted manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon. According to a former student and a friend, Cedeno snapped when he couldn’t endure the bullies and harassment over his personality.

A friend, Tanaisha B, informed the newspaper that people were harassing Cedeno, and he had to do what he did. She added that she graduated from the school in June, and knew him too well.

Police statement

Police stated that McCree tossed his pencil at the culprit when he stood up to leave the room. Though the pencil didn’t hit Cedeno, it caused the issues between the two.

Robert Boyce, the Chief of Detectives of NYPD said the argument might have been on for two weeks, and it got to another level, and a fight ensued.

Tanaisha added that she heard people bullied Cedeno, pointing that he isn’t aggressive, and everyone loves him.
Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor said everyone’s heart is heavy presently, extending his condolences to the affected families. According to AM New York, it’s uncalled-for to lose a kid to violence in school premises.

De Blasio further stated the city would double its effort towards ensuring that kids are safe in school. Parents headed for the Bronx facility just after the tragedy to check on their children.

New York Post states Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation which serves grades 6-12 built at the same place with elementary school PS 67. The New York Post also hinted that the school doesn’t have metal detectors, saying that it performs below average in examinations.

Dejohn Jones, the leader of a parent association at a closeby school who came to condole with the students, said he lacks words to speak to the kids.