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Supposed forms intended to show the relative sizes of Apple iPhone of 2017


Say over there, given the series of photos, molds and samples of Apple’s upcoming 2017iPhone route today and from now on, to be a possible appearance in the relative sizes and structures rumored new gadgets. Apple is expected to broadcast an announcement of three different iPhone models this year, with the specification: two “S” LCD-based cycle improvements for iPhone 7 and 7 plus, along with a radically renovated tenth anniversary “iPhone 8 “with an OLED screen.

It is worth bearing in mind that the adopted images could be used for the production of iPhone bag instead of other devices.

We detect the structure of the iPhone 8 call between the two iterative models representing the newly designed terminal device that is not much wider than the 4.7 inch case, which we are very familiar on the other side. Despite the correspondence, the reports of the re-structured Hone a 5.8-inch screen, the detail in the structural size could be the screen in the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus. Failure of the opening at the top and bottom of the tool will contain the larger area OEDD.

Given the side view, it creates another shot of relative dimensions, and also displays enhanced power button on OLED iPhone in the middle. Viewing the longest button in the previous view has led to speculation that they may behave as external layer fingerprint recognition if Apple cannot enter a touch ID on the OLED screen. Rumors say that Apple has done a lot to overcome the challenges while running, but the details remain few.

In addition, other sources suggest that Apple could mix the device by connecting the sensor to the back of the device, as it is in Samsung s8, but most reached a concession that would be a lower implementation, the other touch location taking into account from the front of the ID on the start button.

OLED iPhone will be presented along with mobile phones “S” cycle at an event in September. It can also be presented in the new technology of 3D camera detection and presented as a faster A11 chip, face detection and iris, better sealing, some form of wireless charging and glass body.