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Swarm Of Bees Take Over Woman’s Car In Hull, UK


A woman’s car was reportedly taken over by a swarm of around 20,000 bees in Hull, UK.

The Incident

A UK woman, Shirley Taylor, reported that a swarm of around 20,000 bees suddenly took over her car, which was parked just outside her residence in Hull’s Watt Street on Sunday.

She called the Beverley Beekeepers’ Association to get the bees out and they have been at it ever since, said the company’s chairman, Chris Coulson.

According to Coulson, it remained unclear why the bees were attracted to Taylor’s car and said it could still be a while till all of them are cleared out.

He explained that the reason why bees can sometimes swarm is that their hives become too small and one colony separates from the rest to create a new colony. However, he said that he’s never seen a swarm this large in a car.

“These cars have all kind of recesses and the bees seem to have gone into every one they could find.” he said.

“We are trying to make them fly. In the box on top of the car we have young bees, some eggs and things like that and the bees in the car will hopefully try to cover those to make sure they don’t die.”

Taylor on the Incident

Taylor said that her neighbor told her to “be careful of her car” when she arrived at home.

“I just went indoors and closed all the windows and the neighbors did as well.” she said. “It has been a bit of a hair-raising experience.

“There were thousands all over the place and I have been stung and my daughter and granddaughter also got stung. It is like Nightmare on Watt Street.”

She said: “I did ask ‘why pick on my car?’ but my husband, who is a bit of a joker, said it was because of all the Bee Gees CDs in the car.”