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Telangana students to compete in the Human Exploration Rover Challenge held by NASA


The fifth yearly challenge to be held on 12th of April through the 14th of April will be attended by SR Engineering College in Warangal. The event is to be held in the US, at Huntsville, Alabama.

The College is one of four Indian teams invited for the challenge. Students from 23 countries are taking part in the contest to create a buggy, able to traverse about the surface of a simulated moon.

Faculty Manoj Chaudhary will be leading the team that is expected to prepare a design, conceptualise and submit their suggestion. The team members include P. SravanRao, RondllaDilipreddy, P. Paul Vineeth and Venishetty Sneha.

The College Secretary while commending the students stated that it was a golden chance to build, design and put to test technologies that give the ability to rovers to operate in a vast range of environments.

Competition to benefit NASA’s plans

The challenge of Human Exploration Rover empowered by NASA was held for the first time in 1994, A little over two decades the landing on the moon of the first manned Apollo.

National Aeronautics and the Administration of the present plans in space to learn about other planets, asteroids, comets, and moons is the primary focus of the challenge.

For the life of its run so far, the Great Moonbuggy Race has involved not less than 10,000 students and shown clearly that the young lads who are aspiring scientists and engineers were able to do highly complicated work.