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Tesla Autopilot System To Blame For Deadly Accident


Tesla’s Autopilot system has been established to have a large part to play in a deadly accident involving two vehicles; a lorry and a Model S.

This was relayed by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), according to federal examination the major cause of the collision was attributed to Tesla’s absence of insight into the failings and weaknesses of their partially uncontrolled autopilot system.

The accident ought to have never happened as US NTSB discovered during their examinations that the two vehicles were at a reasonable distance and either party could have easily prevented the tragic situation from happening. However, the lack of attention on the part of the driver Joshua Brown and the stubbornness of the lorry driver caused the collision.

Because of this, the US body advised that all automakers and legislators put enough checks in place to establish that there is no abuse of their technology.

System Abuse By Tesla

The outcome of the Collison that resulted in the death of Tesla’s driver Joshua Brown in May last year however surprisingly left the trailer driver unscathed. The system was abused by the company as it allowed its driver liberty to operate the vehicle beyond the capabilities of the designed technology.

Their semi-autopilot system had been developed and tested to carry out minimal activities in some defined surroundings yet the company gave more freedom to the driver to concentrate on other things instead of actually driving.

A statement release by the US body, NTSB relayed that despite driving for 37minutes, Joshua Brown used the steering for just 27 seconds. The truck driver claimed that the driver was viewing the famous Harry Potter movie before the accident occurred but this claim was debunked saying there was no proof to imply this and further revealed that the driver was not watching a movie, drunk, on drugs, tired or had his attention divided by a phone.

The lorry driver refused to be questioned and Tesla has refused to give a reaction to any of their discoveries.