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The Debate of the Emoji of the Google Cheeseburger is taking over the internet


Who would have thought that so much debate could be generated by a cheeseburger emoji? That is currently on-going with Google, in talks that have involved Sunday Pichai, the CEO.

The internet is being flooded because of the emoji generated by Google. See the reason for the fuss here.

Is the emoji wrong?

The founder of Baekdai Media, Thomas Baekdal shared on twitter how the emojis used by Apple and Google.

It is vital we talk about how and why Google’s burger emoji places the cheese underneath, and Apple has it’s at the top

The analysis sparked a debate that had lovers of cheeseburgers on their way to prepare their beloved snack. The tweet by Baekdel has had nearly 15, 000 retweets as of the time of the composition of this piece. The cheeseburger emoji used by other tech bodies were also being looked at by users.

No consensus reached

It can be said that Google at present have a lot of things that they are dealing with, with the official launch of the Google Play Store bug and the below ideal quality of audio and there’s the burn-in issues with the screen of the Pixel 2L. This debate, however, appears to be the more crucial than any other thing.

Google, according to Pichai plans to reorder its emoji once an arrangement can be agreed upon. Although a consensus is nowhere in sight judging from the tweets of users on the matter.