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The father who bullied his learner driver daughter into taking his speeding points


A despicable father forced his daughter, who was still learning to drive, to take his speeding points so he would keep a clean licence. However, Shaun Turberfield, from West Wales, was found out when police officers spotted that the vehicle caught on camera was not carrying any L plates.

He bullied his 20 year old daughter Shauna into saying she had been driving after he was caught driving six miles over the speed limit in a 30mph area. When she tried to back out of their plan, the 52 year old then tried to bribe her to go ahead.

However, he plan was scuppered anyway when officers realised that the Nissan had no L plates on it. When police told Shauna that she could be prosecuted for driving as a learner without having L plates on the car, she admitted what had really happened. It is understood that she felt pressured into agreeing to go ahead with the plan, but then got cold feet when she realised how serious the repercussions could be for her.


Following his arrest, Turberfield said perhaps he came across as loud and aggressive, but that was just the way he was. Meanwhile, prosecutor Dean Pulling told Swansea Crown Court that he had been verbally abusive.

His barrister said that he had felt it was essential to keep a clean driving licence. Judge Keith Thomas told Tuberfield that he had bullied his daughter into taking his points, but that the pack of cards he had built up, came crumbling down.

Tuberfield, a former doorman who now runs a cake business with his partner has been handed an eight month jail term, suspended for 18 months. He must also complete 15 days of rehabilitation and 150 hours of community work as well as paying £590 in court fees and costs. He has also been banned from the road for three months.