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The FBI investigates an alleged attempt to extort Kevin Map; apparently the murder wanted to “expose”


Forced by the reports, the FBI investigates the alleged attempted extortion against Kevin Map, which includes actors of “sex sollicitation” video you have a suspect.

TMZ reports that FBI agents believe they know the identity of the person who would ask for the money to filter the video has a man who can either be to the must be a map which is comfortable to feel the woman in the club is then in the room.
I identified a woman agency Who I’ve been interacting with in her actress believes THAT WHO IS ONE I MAO Access Photo has tried to get Cash depending on the plug.

Apparently the assassination allegedly caused TMZ to try to get the money and expose Hart to cheating

“Kevin Hart I knew I wanted DA GA to expose, Jr Sam made countless attempts that this information should be exposed to various blogs, HOW DO I HAVE TO PAY” I told the extortionist candidate to TMZ.

The person also said that last month he attended Enko Parris party with several women The Hart representative confirmed in the earlier statement by People that someone tried to invent a comedian.

“I someone tried to put Kevin in an unsuccessful attempt to extort” I told a Saturday night representative. “Since we cannot comment on Law Enforcement, then Jr. on Moze’s influence on the investigation.”

Hart, who is expecting a child with Parrish on Saturday night I published a video of emotional excuses in my Instagram, apologizing for her “mistakes” and claiming someone is trying to get “financial gain” from her bad previous.

“I’m in place in my life where I feel like I have a target in my back,” Hart said. That is why I have to make intelligent decisions. I recently did not. You know, I’m not perfect. I will not sit here and say that I am or I claim to be in any form. I made myself a bad mistake in the lawsuit I went to lose the environment WHERE can ONLY happen the disadvantages myself. So, I know that I will hurt people closest to me, tell who I am who I forgave, Who would be my wife and my children.