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The new device can be cured with one touch and even fixes brain injury


The new device, developed at Ohio State University, may begin to heal the body in a “fraction of a second.”

Technology, known as Nanotransfection (TNT), has the potential to save the lives of victims of traffic accidents and even wounded soldiers in place. It’s a silicon chip chalkgroßer’s “genetic code injecting into the skin cells and converting these skin cells to other cell types needed to treat the disease states” and release it.

In laboratory tests, TNT contact repair damaged hound mice for three weeks turns skin cells into blood vessel cells

And it works not only in skin cells, you can retrieve any type of tissue, the director of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Mobile Network Therapy, Chandan Sen said. For example, technology has restored brain function in the mouse that had stroke and brain cell growth in the skin.

It’s an innovative technology, because it’s the first time that the cells are reprogrammed in the living body. Current methods of cell therapy are at high risk, such as viral introduction, and include several steps, a new study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology suggests. There are no known side effects for TNT and treatment is less than a second, the senator said.

“This technology does not require a lab or a hospital, and can even be run on the field,” said the senator. “That’s less than 100 grams and will bring a long life.”

This is awaiting approval from the FDA, but Sen, who has been working for four years, is expected to be TNT tested throughout the year for people. He says he is now talking to Walter Reed National Medical Centre.

“We suggest using the skin as an agricultural land, where you can basically all cells of interest to grow,” said the senator.