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Theresa May Initiates Withdrawal From The Continental Confederation


After a turbulent year, that was marked by a historic moment where the nation of Britain has voted to exit the European Union; the Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered today article 50 of the Lisbon treaty which initiates the 2-year withdrawal procedure from the continental confederation.

Fish no more with chips

Speculation around the aftermath of the motion have ranged from very pessimistic to highly ambitious. This has triggered a chain reaction inside the kingdom causing Scotland and Ireland to hold renewed referendums about their future as UK countries.

The leading figure of the Brexit, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage promised a “Global Britain” that is not anymore bound to the will of any nation.

The campaign that he led relied on a patriotic sentiment of “independence”  and “unity” as he entitled today to be: “After a quarter of a century spent campaigning for this moment, it will be a big happy day”.

Sour reality

On the realistic level, the prospects look darker then Mr. Farage likes his followers to believe, as uncertainty over the British exodus is drawn by the tense negotiations between the leaders of the European community and the UK government.

The latter is demanded to settle a commitment bill (roughly 52 billion pounds) for its departure in order to start negotiating the preservation of its citizens rights and trade deals.

The bill demanded  to be paid by the British authorities is in midst of controversy as it is said to be overestimated and is meant to obstruct the procedure as well as retaliate for the course of action.

A deal is imminent for UK to create a stable vision and economic prospects and a failure to do so could create an imbalance in its diplomatic as well as its economic aspect and for the entire continent as well. The future of millions of citizens and companies relies on the ongoing negotiation process.