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Too much lead contained in Fidget Containers, Consumer Group reports


The latest most coveted toy in the world is Fidget spinners. They have so much become loved that they are banned from schools due to the distraction that is said to be brought by them. A group established for the protection of consumers has been put up by the public, and raised the alarm concerning the children’s app, in their report they stated that children have a great chance of being affected by Lead due to the significant levels that are held by the app.

A statement released by the US Public Interest Education Group Fund has pointed out two of the products produced by the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner that have levels of lead in it that surpasses the standard limits set by the Federal authority. An argument has been fuelled by the claim with retailers who are members of the consumer’s projected market.

Target asked to stop the sale of the product

Results were cited by the advocacy group from tests conducted in the laboratory with results that seem to support their claim of an excess concentration of lead. Federal law has gone to classify a children’s product as any item that is made majorly for kids that are up to or below twelve years of age. It brings the acceptable levels of lead in such products to a low level, of about one hundred parts in every million.

From the obtained results, when one is exposed to such for a long time, it has been found to be very unfortunate for children that are very young, and it deters the development of the child. The group has called the attention of Target to stop the sales of the product in the various stores across the nation.