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TripAdvisor users are accusing the site of removing their accounts of rape and assault


TripAdvisor is a website built on trust between itself, its clients, and the organizations that get reviews and clients from the site.
However, that trust is on the verge of breaking down entirely, according to reports which showed numerous cases of clients filing reports of first-hand accounts of sexual assault in reviews for lodgings and resorts, just to discover that the site had deleted their testimonies.

The clients were given various reasons for the removal, from allegations of rumors to infringement of the site’s policy. In a case, no less than three clients reported being sexually assaulted at the same Mexican resort, just to find that their posts had been deleted. The removal of these reviews has likely brought about ensuing travelers being placed in an unsafe direction.

Similar to other review websites, TripAdvisor must strike a balance between enabling clients to speak freely and shielding businesses from embellishments and lies, but it must be noted that the company gets publicizing revenue and commissions from a few hotels and resorts.

The company has a system which filters reviews and employees who continually monitor reviews they deem unsatisfactory for the site. The review foundation includes a few clients and partners who work at or close to the destinations that clients can book on TripAdvisor; however, the organization has not been clear about how either is picked.

Comments by a TripAdvisor spokesperson

TripAdvisor has continuously kept up a clear separation between our trade and content businesses. In spite of affirmations and statements by recent articles, there are no ties between business relationships with our associates and how our content rules are connected to reviews or guest post published on the site.

We sincerely apologize to the raped or sexually assaulted victim, regarding the article, who had her guest post deleted seven years ago on our website. Since 2010, when the post was deleted, our policies have advanced to provide better information like this to travelers. Thus, when recently brought to our notice, the victim’s guest post was republished on our site.

A simple Google search result will pop out numerous reviews from travelers over the last few years who left reviews about their encounters and experiences that include robbery, assault, and rape. We believe it is right to post the first-hand experience as a way to convey useful information to other clients searching for information on where they should visit.

We’ll keep working tirelessly to enhance and develop our publishing rules as we work to provide our clients with accurate information in the industry.