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Tyrese hospitalized after battles in court with Ex


Tyrese Gibson, 38, the popular star of the movie, ‘Fast and Furious’ has been involved in a long, unending case of child custody. The war is with Norma Gibson, his ex-wife and the struggle is affecting him in more ways than he can manage.  Sources reveal that he was rushed to a hospital after suffering severe pains in the chest when he got back to his room in the hotel he was staying.

According to claims from the actor’s ex-wife, their daughter was spanked so hard by the movie star, to the point she couldn’t sit down. She now at present demands sole custody of the child, a change from their original 50-50 custody arrangement. The singer denied any knowledge of the occasion, stating that we will never do anything to hurt his child.

‘Not here to Win’

A photo was posted on Instagram by Tyrese days before he was rushed to the hospital, the picture was one of him kissing his daughter’s forehead before they proceded into the courtroom. The caption on the photo said ‘Going in not  to win but for Shayla our little girl, Please let all parents know this that when they go to war, their kids are the ones deeply affected.’