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U.S.A Congratulates Turkey And Makes Cautious Remarks Of Security Concerns


“Referendum of the Century” That’s how the Turkish media labeled the plebiscite undertaken by the Turkish populous a few days ago, marking the end of an aging political system.

The executive presidential system now imposed with the narrow approval of the nation, blasted controversy among various factions of the nation and global powers.

The ruling party of the Turkish president, ­Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in power for more than two decades; have expanded their powers and consolidated their reign over the Middle Eastern super power for years to come.

Bilateral strong bond

A phone call between the president of the United States of America and his Turkish counterpart, saw the earlier congratulate the latter over his political victory; as well as discussing the geo-political implications in the region and bilateral ties between the two “allied” nations.

The diplomatic relations between the two states have seen the status quo of NATO alliance shaken to its core, by a failed military junta on Mr. Erdogan supposedly backed by the major Western powers.

Common ground on various geopolitical events taking place in the Middle Eastern regions as well as vital military ties keep the bond between Turkey and The U.S relatively strong.

Essence of cautious diplomacy

In a statement made by the spokesperson of the State Department, Mark Toner, commenting on the political unrest cause by the referendum in Turkey, saying: “We look to the government of Turkey to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all its citizens. The United States remains committed to strengthening our bilateral relationship. The United States continues to support Turkey’s democratic development, to which commitment to the rule of law and a diverse and free media remain essential.”

The cautious remarks of the State department official reflects the diplomatic awareness of the Trump administration of the Turkish discontent with the previous Obama administration.