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U.S.A Wages A Direct War Against Bashar after Chemical Attack


Six years, the United States of America has kept its status as a “semi observer” in the Syrian conflict. The global power abstained from direct military intervention and preferred to use proxy means to tilt the balance of the strife.

What started as a civilian up rise, against a long-term dictator, turned into a bloody civil war that was prone to a multitude of local factions and foreign powers to start meddling in the state affairs and abuse the dilemma for their private and national interest.

Horrified audience

The world had to stand by, watching the inhuman actions of the Syrian regime and his “godfather Russia” alienate all opposition and creating fertile soil for radical entities to harness the anger and blood to establish themselves in the country.

As recent as this week, the government of President Bashar El-Assad launched a chemical attack against his own people, drooping nerve gas on a town in the city of Idlib; causing hundreds of casualties that were mostly kids and old people.

Status Quo Broken

This was the last drop in the glass of American patience that prompted the Trump administration to strike at the Syrian forces, in an unprecedented move that the previous administration abstained of taking due to political sensitivity.

Counting that the Russians are backing up the Syrian army, such an offence could trigger a diplomatic crisis between the two nuclear global powers, which could escalate to a full-sale war between the rivals.

The status quo has therefore been broken and the U.S army is officially in a direct conflict with the Syrian military. Having already boots on the ground in neighboring Iraq and numerous bases in the region, the American military will be in close reach of Syria to conduct its missions and operations. It seems that the turmoil in the region will reach an unexpected scale that can lead to global tensions between Russia and the U.S.A .