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U.S And E.U Don’t Want To Allow Their Citizens To Travel To The Other Without Harsh Scrutiny Anymore


The scrutiny in the realm of the immigration mechanism in the United States of America is nearing to reach the levels anticipated by the world from the discourse of the republican state leader, vowed to during his presidential campaign.

The historical elections witnessed the return of the extreme right-wing nationalists that disappeared in the ashes of the Second World War, under the umbrella of the presidential nominee Mr. Donald Trump.

He pledged to bring back the, what he called “Lost Glory” of the hegemonic power and prioritize the American citizens, as well as protect them from the radical militias that are devastating the stability of most U.S allies.

The harsh vetting he promised to impose on all foreigners inside and entering the country has been materializing over his first 100 days in office, following several executive orders and legislations passed.

Matter of National security

The newest mind-blowing approach to “national security” considered by the head of Oval Office is shaping a reality that is hard to digest, considered the status quo of the quasi last century.

Europeans have been enjoying a facilitated access to the U.S over the recent decades, requiring only a minor paperwork.

These times could be expiring for the allies of the global super power, as the Trump administration has been circulating a discussion on depriving European Union citizens from the so called “waiver-visa.

Governmental consensus

A high official of Homeland Security, John Kelly, was urging in Washington the reviewing of this protocol in midst of the security concerns his country is facing, saying: “We have to start looking very hard at that [visa waiver] program. Not eliminating it and not doing anything excessive but look very hard at that programme”.

In retrospect, the European Parliament has ended the visa free access of Americans to the E.U which puts more sense in the new governmental discussion taking place in the white House.