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UK Launches Own Investigation Report Into Turkey Relations


Since the attempted coup d’état on the 15h of July 2016 in Turkey, diplomatic relations with the European Union have reached an all time low. From being an indispensable partner in the fight against the spread of the Islamic State and the refrain of illegal immigration influx in the Mediterranean, to exchanging animus allegations and hostile actions.

UK Response

The British government, being on the door of exiting the continental alliance (BREXIT), is attempting an alternative foreign policy approach and in this case, specifically for Turkey. The UK government has launched an investigation through its parliamentary foreign relations committee, to issue a report about the bilateral relations.

Although the findings have contrasted a different image then the one depicted by the other regional powers, Turkey’s EU minister Omer Celik has shown critique and labeled it as “one sided”. The administration of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is vocal of the British consideration of  the movement of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, which has been listed as a “terrorist” faction in Turkey.

Future Relations

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson as well as former UK Home Secretary Jack Straw stressed the vitality of the bilateral ties between the two nations and the importance of Turkey as an imperative associate in both economic and political matters. In an account with a Turkish news paper (Hurriyet Daily), Mr. Johnson declared: “One of the reasons why I was in favor of leaving the European Union is that I wanted Britain to widen the horizons of our foreign policy and strengthen our links with friends across the world, including Turkey,”

Though, the heavy crackdown on dissidents by the Turkish government since the failed military overthrow remains a serious issue that has not been disregarded by the British government but rather pushed aside to create a balance of power in the crucial relations with the middle eastern state and his European counterparts.