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Vaping helps smokers move away from smoking


Recent research shows that people are quitting smoking at a faster rate, and e-cigarettes may be the cause of this. The study published in the British Medical Journal analysed information from five different tobacco surveys. The first survey occurred between 2001 and 2002 and the last between 2014 and 2015.

The recent survey showed a significant increase in the use of e-cigarette and a resulting decrease in the rate of smoking. The increase in the smoking quit came from those who tried the new e-cigarettes.

Could e-cigarette be the cause for significant quit in smoking?

An increase to 5.6 percent of those who confirmed that they smoked in the last year before the survey was observed. Inferring to the number of smokers is about 350,000 people, and the e-cigarette users cause the apparent increase.

The use of e-cigarettes may not have called for the quitting, but inspired the motivation to stop smoking. Then again, those who began to use the e-cigarette keep maintained its use, and that may have health effects.

The American Lung Association stated that the Food and Drug Administration had identified other ways to more efficient and safe to employ in a bid to quit smoking. On the other hand, the FDA during Obama regime gave out rules on the e-cigarette that little e-cigarrette firms stated could destroy them if they manifest fully. However, the FDA under President Trump has extended the boundary under those rules.

The new research shows some proofs that e-cigarette has helped some persons stay away from smoking; any effective quitting is a joyous one. However, it doesn’t mean that those who don’t smoke should opt for vaping.If the e-cigarettes are effective in making adults quit smoking, it may be right to discuss the future of vaping.