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Walnuts may control your appetite and help you manage your weight


While you may doubt the idea that nuts may control you, science may be up to another thing contrary to what you think.

The researchers

Recent research published in Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism was conducted found something about the walnuts. The study conducted by five scientists from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston – Sabrina M. Oussaada, Olivia M. Farr Ph.D., Christos S. Mantzoros M.D., D.Sc., Ph.D., Dario Tuccinardi M.D., and Jagriti Upadhyay M.D.

The analysis

The researchers began by giving ten obesity patients who were hospitalized, a daily dose of 48 grams of walnuts or a similar smoothie without walnuts for five days. After a month of getting back to their initial diets, those who were given the walnut smoothie first got the non-walnut smoothie for five days. This was done vice versa. Along the line, 1 of the 10 participants quit and left nine to round-off the program.

At the early stage of the study, the researchers took note of the brain activities of each of the participants using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The participants were tested again after the 5-day diet on smoothie to identify changes.

In a bid to determine how hungry each participant felt, the subject was presented with various pictures during the fMRI. The pictures were those of calorie-rich foods that are highly desirable, less calorific food which is less desirable, and non-foods.

The outcome

The result appeared thus; the subjects reported that felt less hungry after than the walnut smoothie diet, unlike when they ate the non-walnut smoothie diet. Also, the fMRI showed differences in the brain activity of the subjects when they were presented with different food pictures. The right insula portion of the brain appeared to be more active when the foods were shown to the subjects. What’s the catch? Portions of the Insula part may be accountable for inhibition and satiety. As such, walnuts may be telling your brain to calm down when it’s presented with mouth-watering food. Suffice it to be that walnuts can help check your appetite and manage your weight.

While this research gives a result, it only happened for a short period and didn’t prove without a doubt that walnut can fully control your cravings. The effects may decline as the brain get used to taking a particular food. As such, there’s the need for more vast research before conclusions can be drawn.

The Calfornia Walnut Commission (CWC) only funded the research but didn’t in any way, involve directly in the conduction and interpretation of the study and its results.