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Weeknd and Bella Hadid “stay behind” in Selena Gomez Split – “Still loves”


Will we see the second chapter of love between Bella Hadid, week 21 and week 27? At the end of October, she suddenly separated from the 10-month-old girl, singer Selene Gomez, 25, after she began to return with her former Justin Bieber, and now returns to the comfort of her ex-girlfriend. The 27-year-old, the real name of Abel Tesfaye, was found on the morning of November 15, apparently overnight, leaving Bella’s apartment in New York.

“Bella and Abel have been in contact with Abel and Selene, but they are not together again,” says source E! News. “Abel came to ask Bella if she should go down and open, and decided to see it and see where things were going, knowing that if they did not get together again, they would be good friends.”

Their source says that the two have “an incredible connection”, even though they retired in November 2016 after 18 months from the date, and for the moment slow things will slow down. “They enjoy the company and have fun together,” adds his insider. Although Abel’s relationship with Selena still has a feeling for Bell.

“She told him that she still loves and that they will always have the right link,” said another source. “He apologized for hurting her in the past.” Here are the photos of Bella and The Weeknd.

Bella has a busy schedule at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which takes place this month in China

The age in which she and The Weeknd share, has become one of the most sought after models in the world. This confidence helps her when it comes to giving her an affair with Abel another time or not. “This time is stronger,” the insider adds. “I would give Abel another try, maybe down the street, but he took a few steps before returning to their relationship.