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Why the price of avocados is set to rise


Mexican officials have warned that the price of produce, including avocados and beer, is set to rise as a result of President Trump’s plans to build a huge wall along the border between America and Mexico.

With Mexico point blank refusing to stump up any cash to fund the construction, which is expected to cost a whopping $15bn, President Trump said that the cost of the building could be met through a 20 per cent tax on imports coming from Mexico.

However, Luis Videgaray, the Mexican Foreign Minister has pointed out that consumers in the US will be the ones who will end up paying for the wall because produce from Mexico will be costlier. He said that a number of items, including avocados and appliances, would become more expensive.

Mucho sad

And, he received back from President Trump’s fellow Republican, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said that the proposals would make people in the US “mucho sad”. He said that while border security was important, there should be no tariffs because Mexico would simply impose tariffs on US goods in retaliation.


He added: “Simply put, any policy proposal which drives up costs of Corona, tequila or margaritas is a big-time bad idea.”

Meanwhile, another social media user warned that the price of beer such as Corona may go up and that making guacamole would be much more expensive in future.

However, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said that a 20 per cent tax on Mexican produce was only one idea to pay for the wall, and that proposals were still in the early stages. Mr Spicer said that President Trump had been asked over and over again how he could pay for a wall along the length of the border, and this could be one solution, saying: “Here’s one way. Boom. Done.”