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Winds Reach 100 mph in Colorado Springs


As a series of up to five storms are expected in Colorado this week, winds have reached 100 mph as the storms approach.

Colorado Springs had winds reaching up to 100mph this week, as powerful storms are expected in the upcoming week.

The hurricane-force winds have uprooted trees and forced Fort Carson soldiers into action in order to shelter the place. The storm also dumped so much snow in the mountains that a ski area was forced to close.


“You only get this set of systems every few years,” said Todd Dankers, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder.

“We’re looking at continuous snow in the mountains that started back on Saturday and will continue through Thursday or Friday. It’s just a stream of a lot of moisture coming in.”

According to multiple forecasters, five storms are expected in Colorado before Friday, where several feet of snow are expected in high-country locations, including Crested Butte, Aspen and Steamboat Springs.

This weather is believed to be the remnants of the incredibly strong storms that recently hit northern California and Nevada with snow and rain.

It is a bit of an unusual weather situation across the state because we have so many different kinds of activities going on,” said Mike Lewis, deputy executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation. “We’re used to dealing with heavy snows in the mountain areas. This is an extended period of heavy snow.”


According to Colorado Springs and El Paso County officials, they are yet to tally a cost for the damage from the recent storm, but they expect it to be high.

“This is one of the worst windstorms I’ve seen in my 34 years with the department,” Colorado Springs Police Department Lt. Howard Black said.

“It’s an extremely active event throughout the city, with downed powerlines, downed trees in roadways. There is widespread property damage and windows blown out of parked cars.”